Road Trippin’ to Madrid

I can’t frickin’ wait for this trip. Mid term exams were sort of f*cked (sorry for my language but it is). But at least it’s vacay time! I woke up looking out of my window, the sun was reflecting the yellowish color to the trees. Amazing! My purple Kipling luggage is ready for the 600km trip to Madrid. I put on my Stussy shirt and a black jogger, ready to go!

It was around 12 o’clock in the afternoon, we started our journey to Madrid. Driving somewhere this far is such an intriguing experience, and technically Diogo is driving cause I can’t drive manual car (oops sorry little boy!). I deeply feel that whenever you travel with someone, you will feel a lot closer to them. Sharing small stories and experiences are so much fun. I can’t even stop laughing and smiling when we’re just having small talks in the car.

“Ugh, I’m getting grumpy now… Let’s stop by and eat lunch!”, I said.

I can feel that was the most delicious lunch I’ve ever eaten for couple of weeks in the past. That feeling when you’re super hungry and you can eat everything! We bought a baguette, a pack of salami (my favourite!!) and cheese. The sun was super hot that day, the oil in the salami literally melt on the car’s deck (taste a lot better!). Plus the songs that we were playing, our lunch was amazing!!

We continued our journey, still hundreds of kilometres away. We played a bunch of party songs, also Brazilian songs! We’re feeling it, it’s been the longest time that we haven’t been to a great party. Marbella got nice parties, but what matters is the company that you have! Somehow, FABRIK popped out from Diogo’s mind. We just hope that it’s open that day.

After a 6.5-hour drive, we touched down Madrid. The city is old, my eyes grasped to dark colors now. Finally after 2.5 months here in Spain, I can really feel the #spainvibe because Marbella is super artificial. We parked the car just few blocks away from our Airbnb, took our luggage and followed Google Maps. We’re lost for almost an hour, walked so far until the city centre. Cold, fun, and pissed off at the same time! But we finally made it and we decided to leave to FABRIK on the last train. Thankfully we reached it;)

And surprise! There’s no taxi at all when we reached Humanes, and it’s super cold and windy. We looked at each other and we just laugh (literally). Those breeze just immersed into our clothes, shoot:( Suddenly, I got an idea. Why don’t we just run until we get warm? 2.5km running and jogging was actually super fun. Look!

Entering FABRIK was quite a problem. I didn’t bring my passport, but thankfully they let me in. My very first techno party!!

The sun starts to peek out from the window, we didn’t party that hard. Extremely tired after those long drive from Marbella. The weather was great in the morning! Just look at the carnival that happened just a couple of minutes walk from the apartment, I can smell creativity!!

We didn’t stay for long there because we have plans already.  As we walked through the old streets, we realised that we need to get coffee for a bit. I really can’t live without it. I ordered coffee with cream, taste so unique, but still I prefer regular Americano! We were  just wishing that the sun will come out, but it turns our not. Huftt.


Those art with caramel


Churros time just by San Miguel Market

We decided to go on a full walking tour that day. We wanted to feel how the street vibe, plus enjoying the musics by talented musicians just around every corner of a monument. I will never forget the feeling of that, those violin, harp, or even guitar…. We went to Plaza de Mayor, Royal Palace of Madrid, and Temple of Debod.

“I just wanna sit here for a longer time”, I said.


Unfortunately Temple of Debod was under construction

Even though it’s super cloudy that day, we still had a lot of fun. Doesn’t even matter how bad the weather is, as long as you surround yourself with positivity, everything will be great. I feel super grateful to have the chance to have a road trip like this. Again, don’t forget to be happy! That what matters in life:)

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