Tulip Wonderland: Keukenhof

It was finally Thursday, 12.30 p.m. which means time to get ready to go to the airport. This Netherlands trip is just out of no where, literally. Just a week and a half before it I called my long lost high school friend, Natasia. Some people mention that we’re quite similar, especially our height is just incomparable. That made me remember of my senior year graduation day though, I was just standing behind her because we’re arranged based on height.

“Hmm, should I just go there? I’m feeling it”, I said.

Deciding on going was not hard at all. I’ve always wanted to visit her, ever since I went away for university in Shanghai, China. I feel so grateful that my parents can send me here to Spain, I got splashed with culture and hospitality of this Mediterranean country. Thanks mom, dad! I digress. Anyways, I booked my ticket and just wait for the week to be done. Gotta skip Friday, for sure!

My luggage is nicely packed and ready to go. The airport is a 45-minute drive from Marbella though, obrigado Diogo! Thankfully I checked in online already, no more lines for me! The 3-hour flight feels so long, can’t even sleep idk why. That’s why I doodled on this tissue paper! Just some some small pictures of my Madrid-Portugal trip.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tissue paper and blue pen = art piece LOL.

“Welkom bij Amsterdam” it was written everywhere in Schipol Airport.

Having no single clue what are they talking (damn language barrier) about is not the best, but it’s part of traveling.  Gotta learn and be smarter each day! I can still remember vividly the feeling of meeting her that day, feels great. It was almost dark when I came, so we decided to go back to Den Haag–where she live. Because of the uncontrollable hunger, we stopped by a friet place. As Dutch’s favourite sauce, we took the big fat fries with ‘patatje oorlog’ sauce (mix of peanut satay sauce, mayo, and onions). Never thought the large portion is a huge ass.


We can’t finish them in the end….

The sun start to rise at around 6.30, I can feel it through the interstice of the window. But the time when we both woke up, it starts to get cloudy. But adventure can be done anytime, right? We went out of the house and we start walking to the station. As Natasia always does, she really want me to try something new (she know me well;)) Here you go, harring with minced union! Amazing!


Well we don’t look similar now

After the train to Lisse and direct bus, we finally arrive in Keukenhof, hoping that most of the tulips bloomed already. And yes, they are! I got to show you guys this, we just lay down on the grass for the sake of pictures. But no regret, as usual.

Walking through the garden took some time, it is indeed so wide. The tulips varies in different colors and shapes. Not only tulips, we also passed by a water fountain. We sat there for a bit, listening to the water splash soothes me.

Just before the exit, I bought fresh strawberries just because I need snack! They offered me whip cream on top, but gotta be healthy peeps!

After spending couple of hours there, we went back to Amsterdam for another city tour. Wait for the next blog for that;)

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