From Mountains to Beaches

First of all, thank you so much Marbella for the amazing weather you have. I have been enjoying it so much, but it’s a cold winter they said. Not for me though! After several days walking back and fourth to school and also the supermarket–El Corte Inglés (for you guys living in Marbella for sure you know this place), I just feel that I’m super done with all this long walks. Well, I enjoyed it but then it’s also dangerous. There are no road lights at all when it goes dark, like WHY *double chin face*.

But then coincidently, I met this super cute guy at school. He looks like a high school student, I just cannot (HAHAH!!). We get along together and he really wants to bring me to this place in Istán–a town near Marbella. He drives, which is good! Obrigado, Diogo! I was amazed for the whole ride, the view was stunning! And also note that we went to a curly roads with slopes through the mountain.

This is Diogo

Having a kid driving for me is cool

The Drive

Those curly roads, I’m a little bit dizzy after that!

“Wow, look at that!!”, I said.

It was the only sentence I used during the way. After about 15 minutes, we finally reach the cool spot. Once I opened the car door, the breeze got into my knit sweater. With all those green trees, I can even smell the fresh green leaves there. Feelin’ inspired to be honest. It’s been the longest time having that much space in my life. Japan made me feel small and confined.

I started to span my arms to the blue sky, and let all the negativity banish itself. We sat there for quite a while, looking to the far-mountain talking about life and be inspired. Also, there’s a lake just in front of the mountain. Too good!

Just a day after that, Diogo brought be to Victor’s Beach to have a chill walk in the afternoon. Just a 5-minute ride from school! Hearing the splashing waves and shrieking birds made me feel like home–as you guys know I’m from Indonesia, beach are everywhere! I wish I can bath myself with the salty water, but it’s still too cold. Let’s wait until it gets warmer! I’ll keep you guys posted for that;)

“We should run along this beach other times!”, said Diogo.

We passed through some ports there, along with fancy restaurants and bars. Such a great place to unwind stress… Especially with Marbella’s majestic sunset just above the horizon. We stayed for quite a while, just enjoying a typical Sunday afternoon. Also, it was so funny that we play tickle-each-other just by the coast and I just throw myself to the grey-brown sand. I just can’t stop laughing!!


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