Welcoming Myself to Marbella, Spain

Gone through 5 cities in 3 days? Well, it always happen in my life. This is not the worst situation to be honest. From Sapporo, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, then finally Malaga. I’m mentally drained after everything that happened in Japan. Like, literally pressures from all over the place. The craziest thing must be my Spain visa, I just received it exactly a week before I flew here. But anyways, I survived all go those things!!

Fly Away

Aerial view of Malaga, just couple minutes before landing

“Well, Maria is always like this, crazy. Whenever we want to bring her somewhere, she just want to challenge herself”, my dad said.

I stepped out the plane for the first time in Spain. I can see the bright sun just behind the glass wall, just something that I really needed. I feel so free and thankful. Damn, the only thing that I really wanted to do was take a very long bath with cold water. I was drained in sweat. Yuck, yes, I can feel that my skin is super sticky from that heavy rain from Tokyo 20 hours before I arrived here.

I picked up my luggage and finally met the other Les Roches students near the arrival gate. Another check point done! Now I can arrive to my accommodation safely. I met some people from the school and chat a bit, it was refreshing! After couple minutes, we walked to the school bus which will bring us to the school.

It was a 45-minute ride from Malaga to my school, Les Roches Marbella. The view was extravagant, I know I will love this place so much. I can see through the coast, mountains, valleys, and also colourful buildings. The color tones are super playful, ranging from ground-orange, pastel pink, yellow, and white. Just look!!

Bus Ride

Sitting in the bus with great views on the way

“We’re going to do the check-in process today”, said the student ambassador.

“Omg, please. But why now?!”, I whispered

Check in took quite some time. I took another shuttle bus to my accommodation off-campus, it’s super pretty! That day wasn’t much, did repacking and went to the supermarket nearby. I gotta show you this pictures though, it’s my first day of school. Looking fresh, uh?

It was around 8 in the morning, we (me and my other 2 housemates) walked from our house to school. We can see the clear view of La Concha Mountain just in front of us. The walk was amazing, I breathed in the fresh air and we finally arrived at school. After having brunch, my friend (Sim–she’s lovely) brought me to a short school tour. I can finally see a lot of greens everywhere, even on winter!!

It was’t he official school day though, I need to wait for another 2 days before Monday. Well, Maria needs a little rest before school;) Btw, this is my favourite spot at school. I usually sit on those white chairs while absorbing the sun and casually reading books.


My lovely housemates ❤



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