Morning Hike to Wae Rebo

The night before the hike, me and my friends spent the night in one of our tour guide’s house. It’s located in Lembor Village, West Manggarai. The house is big enough to settle about 20 people inside. Right after we arrive in the house, my tour guide’s wife served a glass of black coffee for each of us. Just the perfect thing to drink hot beverage in that windy evening. The sky began to look really dark until we had our dinner in that wooden four-cornered house. To be honest, that was one of the best sleep in the last couple weeks of my life.

In the early morning–about 7.30, we left for Wae Rebo with our mini bus. We then spent the next 4.5 hours sitting inside the bus with (a lot of) reggae songs until we reached Todo Village which is our starting point to hike Wae Rebo. We spent the best time together in that bus, talking about dreams, love, and play truth or dare (of course!). Arriving to that village was a refreshment for me. The weather was great, the wind was so fresh plus the sunshine wasn’t too strong.

Todo Village is a place where you can buy supplies for your hike. They sell snacks like biscuits, peanuts, chips, and beverages.

After we bought some supplies in that village, the 9-kilometer hike had just started. Honestly, the hike wasn’t too bad ’cause most of the tracks were flat ground instead of rocks. But, keep in mind that the first 1 kilometer is rocks with sharp surface–just beware! We got so sweaty when we reached our final stop before Wae Rebo, but guess what? It took us (only) 3 hours to walk 9 kilometer. And, well deserved view!

The locals welcomed us really well, we got to interact with the kids and also the adults. Unfortunately, the cloud started to cover the sky–we can’t really take breathtaking photos of Wae Rebo. Next, we were invited to go inside the traditional house to go through a welcoming ritual. We were instructed to sit down on a big circle so that the chief can shake our hand easily. Not long, we may have our free time around the village before dinner. For me, I chose to hunt photos. Here it is!

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Wae Rebo from the last stop of the hike

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Wae Rebo on cloudy evening.

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A small house located in the middle of the forest

At seven, our dinner was ready. I didn’t expect much but they cook really tasty foods which were; rice, veggies, corned beef, and chocolate pudding. I wonder how much this will cost for each person. I got so full that I have to walk or do some activities. That evening, I asked my friends to go outside and just enjoy the moment. It was seriously cold!


The traditional house at night time (1)

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The traditional house at night time (2)

We then slept inside one of the traditional house, forming a circle. The bedding and the pillow were so-so, but they didn’t forget to give us blanket (nice one!).

The next morning, I woke up earlier so that I can capture that beautiful color of the sky bur unfortunately the sun was covered with clouds. Even though, the air was very clean, I can feel it in my nose trail. Breakfast was standard, we had fried rice with egg and beef floss. Soon after breakfast, I got to see the making of the coffee powder and how the locals fed their livestocks. Oh! They also have a water spring down the valley. Some of my friends took their morning bath there but I didn’t.

Because I’m the treasurer of this trip, I finally knew that the accommodation for each person is about $30/night (quite expensive though). Afterwards, we finally made it back to Todo Village in just 2 hours of walking.

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